November 5, 2013

Bear Essentials: Apples
( + Apple-Maple Turkey Burgers with Maple Dijon Sauce )

Ohhhhtheseburgers, guys.

I was recently reading a cookbook by a beloved chef/restauranteur, who put forth the opinion that a hamburger should be made with nothing more than beef, salt, and pepper.  Once you start adding things in, stated said culinary paragon, "it stops being a hamburger and becomes meatloaf."

To which I say: 
No it doesn't.

It becomes flavored.  And since when is that a problem?

Meatloaf is meatloaf because it's ground meat in a loaf form.  A burger is a burger because it's ground meat in a patty form, on a bun.  

For the amount that they pay you, celebrity chef, you should really have a better handle on that.

I'm all for adding things to your burger patties if it makes everything better - and in this case, believe, me, it's definitely better.  These burgers take ground turkey and add in a little chopped bacon, some thick applesauce, poultry seasoning and maple syrup.  Then they're finished off with more thick-cut bacon and a maple-dijon sauce.  The result is surprisingly perfect - not particularly sweet, perfectly spiced and smoky, with a tangy bite from the mustard.  If this isn't a burger, I don't know what is.  

Apple-Maple Turkey Burgers with Maple Dijon Sauce
slightly adapted from Sandra Lee
at Food Network

Mayonnaise  [ 1/4 cup ]
Dijon Mustard  [ 1 tablespoon ]
Maple Syrup  [ 2 tablespoons ]
Salt  [ to taste ]
Black Pepper  [ to taste ]

Ground Turkey Breast  [ 1 1/4 pounds ]
Thick-Cut Bacon  [ 2 slices, chopped finely ]
Thick Applesauce  [ 1/2 cup - I used this recipe ]
Poultry Seasoning  [ 1 teaspoon ]
Maple Syrup  [ 2 tablespoons ]
Salt  [ 1/2 teaspoon ]
Black Pepper  [ 1/4 teaspoon ]
Vegetable Oil  [ 2 tablespoons ]

Hamburger Buns  [ 4 ]
Thick-Cut Bacon  [ 8 slices, cooked ]

Make Sauce:
1.   In a small bowl, stir together Mayonnaise, Mustard, and Maple Syrup.
2.   Season to taste with Salt and Pepper and set aside.
Make Burgers:
3.   In a large bowl, mix together Turkey, Chopped Bacon, Applesauce, Poultry Seasoning, Maple 
        Syrup, Salt, and Pepper.
4.   Shape mixture into 4 Burgers.
5.   In a large pan over Medium-High heat, heat Oil.
6.   Add Burgers to Oil; cook until done  [ about 5-7 minutes per side ].
Construct Burgers:
7.   Toast Buns.
8.   Place Burgers on Buns, and top with Mustard Sauce and Bacon.

Makes 4 burgers.

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