November 12, 2013

Bear Essentials: Apples
( + Celery and Apple Salad Dijon )

As we learned yesterday, we are not legally obligated to bake every apple we see down to a delicious cinnamon-laced mush. 

Not that that wouldn't be fabulous.

But sometimes it's nice to try something new.

And especially in the early days of Fall, when your appetite is saying "pie" but the heat index is still saying "ice cream," this refreshing, barely-dressed salad is the perfect tangy little side dish to go alongside whatever you've popped onto the grill for dinner.  And if what you've grilled is these apple-mustard-maple-bacon turkey burgers, you're in for twice the apple-y fun.

[ I have confidence that you, unlike me, will realize that both your mandoline and food processor have julienne blades before carefully julienning your apple and celery into tiny matchsticks by hand.  I trust your common sense over mine any day. ]

Celery and Apple Salad Dijon
from Gourmet

Mayonnaise  [ 2 tablespoons ]
Dijon Mustard  [ 1 tablespoon ]
Cider Vinegar  [ 1 teaspoon ]
Sugar  [ 1/4 teaspoon ]
Fresh Tarragon  [ minced, 1 teaspoon ]
Salt  [ to taste ] 
Black Pepper  [ to taste ]
Celery  [ 4 ribs, cut into 1 1/2-inch matchsticks ]
Granny Smith Apple  [ 1, cut into 1 1/2-inch matchsticks ]

1.   In a medium bowl, whisk together Mayonnaise, Mustard, Vinegar, Sugar, Tarragon, Salt and  
2.   Add Celery and Apple and toss to coat.
3.   Serve immediately for maximum crunch.   

Serves 2-4 

          Love Crunch? Try: 
Cucumber, Avocado and Lime Soup

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